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Call me Bryan. Just your average twenty-something guy with an overactive sex drive and a heart of gold. I have a personal blog as well, send me a message if you'd like the link to it. I love submissions, and anything that you don't want posted will always stay private. Feel free to talk to me, ladies. I promise I don't bite(hard(unless you ask me to)).


New series called ‘does this look better on, or off?’
Ignore that mosquito bite on my titty lol

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Happy 1,000 followers to me!!!

Y’all are so great, and I have loved every minute of running this blog. I can’t believe it started out as just a way to express my sexual frustration. I’m so glad it turned into something more! Cheers to the next 1,000~~

LMB <3

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Honestly it’s a miracle I ever take this sweatshirt off at all…

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Shitty phone photos because I feel shitty. But at least it’s something. It’s good to post a new set. ~LMB

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im horny &amp; i want my daddy


im horny & i want my daddy

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